Who Stole Your Thunder – E book




“All my life a have been a seeker of knowledge.”

This feeling that you have inside you that you can do so much more. This feeling in your gut that success is just around the corner. These are the ingredients of a believer.

We are all looking to change for the better. Seeking answers to questions that your heart desires easy and simple answers. This book is meant to be a simple guide to greatness. Your own personal coaching looking at your beliefs, behaviours and actions plans to life mastery in all areas. This book is not here to change your life. It’s simply here to give you options. The choice is all yours, my friend.

Problems are a sign of life

The only people without problems are the ones on the ground. So be happy that you have problems because problems have presented themselves as an opportunity in your life to grow. A simple way of looking at it isn’t it? Yeah, you must be telling yourself that your problems are not the ones that I’m talking about.

They’re different right? If your answer was yes, then NO they are not. In fact, you don’t even know the problems of others, how could you? You can’t feel the exact same feeling as someone else. You are individual with your own thoughts and perceptions.

Take whatever you can and make it happen because it’s not going to get better by just positive thinking (isn’t this a contradiction?

Earlier you were saying that positive thinking brings about to change). Still waiting for a sign, are you? It’s there right in front of you, open your heart and receive all that you get and turn it into gold.

Make conscious choices about the life you want to create for yourself. Pull yourself towards yourself every time you lose your way. You can be easily influenced by the people around you. Not because they hate you, trust me they have their own problems to fix.

They just don’t leave them behind so resistance is only natural. They will remind you that failure has its disappointments. It does but a real alchemist does not stop at the first bend in the road, they know it is not the end. Act ongoing in the direction you want to be in because it’s the only way you can achieve your destiny.


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